biogas plants
Dagenham UK

Dagenham, UK


Britcon Ltd. / Scunthorpe

Services formtec
complete construction of the tanks/vessels including building statics and prestressing
4 x CSTR fermenter 3.500m³
1 x mixing tank 1.400m³
1 x gas storage tank 5.000m³

Formwork system
formtec steel formwork closed in the annulus, pace 3 m or segmental construction

Concrete quality
Concrete C35/45 LH/HS

Crack width limitation wk = 0,1 mm

Tanks/vessels prestressing internally
Unbonded monostrand system

Special features
Cladding of the vapour space including the upstand of the tube extruder with PEHD concrete protection plates

You can watch the movie of the construction phase here